About us

Since more than twenty years Vadim Vyaltsev create the interiors of the residential houses and appartments, also commercial buildings. His high level design quality has his own signature.

The launch of the creative groupe VYALTSEVINTERIORDESIGN with Vyaltsev in the head is a developpement of his knowledge and experience.

Interior design is an instinctive process. In its best cases is a form of art. No rules. The single item of furniture or of art can become the source of inspiration, the engine of the project.

The superposition of styles with caution, combination of simple and sofisticated, high standards of the material and process quality allow to get the great results and the client’s happy report, which is the bottom line and the developpement of our creativity.

We communicate with the client using visual language: sketches and aquarel drawings are excellent instruments in research and comprehension of the interiors for our clients.

The work is always a pleasure. The creative understanding, relyable process and high level of the mutual confidence with the client are the garantee of an exellent result.

Also we tend to create some special conditions for our clients’ collections that we consider as the reflection of their tastes, individuality and the circle of interests. The combination of artefacts, furniture and accessories is a very important part in our work. We help our clients to gather them in some mix of the styles and times.

Our expertize in the choice of furniture and accessories come from the rich experience in many projects, the no limit imagination and the absence of rules. We offer the client antique items and the creations of contemporary designers whose furniture becomes art erasing the border between styles.

Furniture designed by Vadim Vyaltsev is made in Russia, France, Portugal and Italy. We are proud of our collaboration with the manufacturers like Laval, Remy Garnier, Cinabre, Idezi and others. Using rare wood types, bronze, leather and fabric we create simple but luxurious furniture designed for individual character of each interior and for commercial series.

  • vadim

    Vadim Vyaltsev

    Painter, designer, decorator. Create interiors.

  • natalia

    Natalia Kandaurova

    Designer. Project manager.

  • Olga Borzina

    Designer. Project manager.